Girls’ Day 2014

girls-day-logoBetween 10 and 15h, the PTZ Berlin opens its doors for the Girls’ Day – Mädchen-Zukunftstag (girls’ future day). Girls aged between ten and twelve can even choose between two different projects: in “every product has its history” we get to the bottom of the steps needed for the production of a good and compare different production processes like 3D printing and milling. In “production lines of lego” we assemble production lines with the new lego mindstorms toolboxes, program them and discuss how they can be designed more efficiently. Registration via (in German).

Type of Event: Public Event
Date of Event: 27/03/14
Series of Event: Girls’ Day – Mädchen-Zukunftstag

Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Berlin


Salome Zimmermann
Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Berlin
Referentin für Presse-/Öffentlichkeitsarbeit Marketing
Fraunhofer IPK
Pascalstr. 8-9
10587 Berlin

Link: Girls’ Day Website