Green wins

Posted: 2015-11-23

Pupils explore sustainable jobs in the CRC 1026 on “Green Day” Less resource consumption and more wealth at the same time – how can this be accomplished? What kind of adjustments do we have to carry out, whilst using cleaner manufacturing conditions to create a better future for everyone? As a part of the nationwide […]

French-German perspective on sustainable product development

Posted: 2015-10-24

The CRC 1026 had the pleasure to invite Prof. Peggy Zwolinski and Dr. Maud Rio from the Grenoble Institute of Technology for two days of scientific discussions about sustainable manufacturing. Both French researchers were welcome by the CRC’s coordinator Prof. Rainer Stark at his Chair of Industrial Information Technology on the 13th and the 14th […]

CRC 1026: driver of the 13th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing

Posted: 2015-09-18

Decoupling Growth from Resource Use CRC 1026 coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Stark holds a key note speech on sustainable manufacturing, CRC 1026 working session preparations, conference plenum, former CRC 1026 coordinator Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Seliger at an interview with Vietnam TV CRC 1026 has intensely contributed to the 13th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (GCSM) […]

Visit the CRC1026 of Prof. Steve Evans and Dr. Dai Morgan from the center EPSRC Industrial Sustainability

Posted: 2015-08-25

On 2 and 3 July 2015 visited Professor Steve Evans and Dr. Dai Morgan from the Centre for Industrial Sustainability (EPSRC) from the UK the Collaborative Research Center 1026 “Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation” in the Production Technology Center (PTZ) Berlin for an exchange of experience. As part of the Graduate College Prof. […]

Exercising Sustainability

Posted: 2015-06-12

CRC 1026 launches school cooperation for teaching sustainable manufacturing “May we disassemble our own mobile phones now?” aks a dark-haired boy enthusiastically. He and his classmates have just succeeded in re-assembling a mobile phone after investigating its components and the processed raw materials. The teenagers visit a special MINT class at the Berlin Wilma Rudolph […]

Visit from New Brunswick

Posted: 2015-06-04

The CRC 1026 hosted on June 4th 2015 the head of the Canadian consulting company „Stilleto Consulting” Laura O’Blenis. O’Blenis develops new strategies to implement a Canadian competency centre for sustainable manufacturing on behalf of the University of New Brunswick and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. The centre will specialise in prototyping and innovative production […]

Lecture Dr.-Ing. Dieter Schacher

Posted: 2015-04-28

„Structure and Organisation of an Automotive Greenfield Company in China” Dr.-Ing. Dieter Schacher a management consultant and former Head of Organization and IT for the Volkswagen Group, held an lecture on the automotive industry in China at the “Industriekolloquium” of CRC1026 integrated research group. The Chinese market offers a tremendous potential for automotive companies. Today […]

SFB 1026 at the Hannover Messe

Posted: 2015-04-13

The Collaborative Research Centre 1026 relies on renewable resources The Hannover Messe took place from 13 – 17 April 2015. We introduced the Collaborative Research Center 1026 – Sustainable Manufacturing together with the project at the joint research location Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition to a daily amount of about 30,000 interested visitors, came also an […]

Meeting: Matern von Marschall

Posted: 2015-03-20

As part of the Collaborative Research Centre 1026 „Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation” On March 20th, 2015, the Member of the Bundestag Matern Freiherr Marschall von Bieberstein, visited the the collaborative research Centre 1026 „Sustainable manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation” in the Production Centre of technology (PTZ) in Berlin.

12th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing

Posted: 2014-09-27

Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 22nd – 24th of September 2014 Sustainable Manufacturing is an essential element of future global development. For almost 20 years the chairmen of the Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (GCSM) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Seliger and many members of the International Academy for Production Science (CIRP, have been scientifically dealing with […]

Awarding the „Blue Responsibility Award”

Posted: 2014-09-24

As part of the 12th CIRP Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (GCSM) on September 24th, 2014 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, the “Blue Responsibility Award: Manufacturing for a Sustainable Terra Preta Sanitation System” was first awarded this year. The prize money of € 10,000 was awarded to four outstanding project teams for the design of sustainable […]

Enthusiasm for Science

Posted: 2014-03-27

Girls’ Day 2014 in the PTZ was a big Success What is the history behind products of our daily life? How can production be designed more efficiently? 16 girls aged ten to twelve got to the bottom of these and other questions at the Girls’ Day – Mädchen-Zukunftstag (girls’ future day) in the PTZ Berlin. […]

Knowledge Explosion

Posted: 2014-02-27

“Jugend forscht” returns to the PTZ Bulletproof vests from starch, sustainable ink from rusty nails and kitchen waste, solar driven drones for geo mapping: also this year, the young scientists taking part in “Jugend forscht” and “Schüler experimentieren” proved that real scientific potential lies also in young people. As every year, the “Produktionstechnisches Zentrum Berlin” […]

Workshop on Applied Research in Cooperation with German-Turkish Industry

Posted: 2013-12-14

Promoting Industrial Engineering and Management with Specialization on Sustainable Manufacturing The workshop on applied research to analyze the German-Turkish business requirements was hosted by the German Embassy (Eberhard Pohl) in Istanbul in cooperation with the Turkish-German University (Izzet Furgac, Halil Akkanat), Fraunhofer Society (Kai Mertins, Holger Kohl), German-Turkish Advanced ICT Research Centre (Sahin Albayrak) and […]

Smart product development in the fourth industrial revolution

Posted: 2013-12-13

Can sustainable manufacturing and use of products be planned? Within the framework of the lecture series »Smart Economy for sustainable employment and sustainable prosperity«, organized by the German Trade Union Confederation, it became possible to communicate the viable options for achieving ecologically, economically and socially responsible value creation to a widespread audience. Professor Dr.-Ing Rainer […]

Introducing the CubeFactory

Posted: 2013-12-06

The CRC 1026 Sustainable Manufacturing on the MaketechX conference During this “conference of tech things that matter, where Those Who make a difference meet, think and create” the two researchers, Dr.-Ing. Jérémy Bonvoisin and Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Muschard held a fascinating lecture on the challenge of sustainability and presented some of their projects. Here, the following […]

In Touch with Developers

Posted: 2013-11-18

Sustainable Manufacturing at MaketechX Conference Berlin’s emerging tech start-up Scene gathered at Platoon-Kunsthalle on November 7th and 8th for the first MaketechX Conference. The event considers itself to be a meeting point for thinkers, makers and developers of open source technology involving modern production tools like 3D printers and innovative projects. Young creatives were given […]

Sustainable Sanitation Competition

Posted: 2013-11-15

Launching of the “Blue Responsibility Award: Manufacturing for a Sustainable Terra Preta Sanitation System” In short: With around 40% of the world’s population currently lacking basic sanitation, the need for sustainable solutions on this issue is urgent. In order to demonstrate the broad range of applications of sustainable manufacturing, the organizers of the 12th Global […]

Experiencing Sustainable Research

Posted: 2013-11-12

Workshop on green Research in the CRC 1026 “Sustainable Manufacturing” on the “Green Day – pupils check green jobs” Can one use CO2 for cleaning? And what has a 3D printer to do with the protection of the environment? Ten pupils experienced closely with concrete projects what sustainable research means during the “Green Day”.

The Do-It-Yourself Bicycle

Posted: 2013-10-16

In Short: What if we could manufacture our daily products at home? Just a crazy idea or a possible future manufacturing paradigm? A group of five students of TU Berlin investigated the potentials of home manufacturing with the example of the bicycle. Their challenge: to design and construct a bicycle that can be produced “at […]

Information material “Sustainable Manufacturing”

On this page you’ll find information material and press reviews available for download relating to CRC 1026 “Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation”.




sfb_brochure_cover-web This brochure explores the potentials of manufacturing for the future of value creation and life on earth. Further, the scientific work within CRC 1026 is documented.


Download brochure (.pdf)












Overview Presentation


A Powerpoint-Presentation with all the challenges, approaches and solutions. More detailed information about the subprojects.


Download presentation (.pptx)








Flyer “Sustainable Manufacturing” (German)


flyerEasy-to-understand flyer about challenges and approaches of the Collaborative Research Centre “Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation”


Download flyer (German, .pdf)













“taz – die tageszeitung” November 25th 2013



Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer, principal investigator of sub-project A4 “Macroeconomic Sustainability Assessment”of the Collaborative Research Centre Sustainable Manufacturing in an interview about the connection between economy and environment.

Find the online version of the article here (in German).











DFG Brochure “The Blue ABC” (German)



Contribution about “Production” in the DFG brochure “Das blaue ABC” (The Blue ABC) from the Collaborativre Research Centre “Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation”



Link to contribution (German)









Futur 2/2012 (German)



unbenannt Contribution in the magazine “Futur”, Issue 2/2012 about challenes, approaches and solutions of the Collaborative Research Centre 1026 “Sustainable Manufacturing – Shaping Global Value Creation”


Download contribution (.pdf)








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CRC Book
Sustainable Manufacturing- Challenges, Solutions and Implementation Perspectives
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Scenario Tool

Two software-tools for the creation of surrounding field scenarios on the one hand (Clustering with “FieldCon”) and creation of technology scenarios (system creation with “TechCon”) on the other hand can be downloaded. The download will contain two files:

„FieldCon” for creation of surrounding field scenarios

„TechCon” for creation of technology scenarios

Detailed descriptions of the packages can be found there.
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